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Website Usage:

paisaindia renders to you the opportunity to explore and use the website. We try to make the services uninterrupted as far as possible. However, the access may be altered, restricted or suspended altogether, with or without any prior notice. This can be owing to changes, development, and maintenance of the website at regular intervals, or as and when required. We strive to update information on our site regularly. However, we claim no responsibility if any information furnished in the website is incorrect, disputed, or doubtful. We also accept no responsibility of the information given on the various other websites linked to our website.

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paisaindia holds and exercises right and has Intellectual Property rights on the information cited on its website. It also has right on the logo design, the overall look of the website,including text and graphics used in the content of the website. All software also come under the purview of the Intellectual Property Rights. paisaindia has complete legal right in the services which also covers complete right on the Intellectual Property Rights. Any information furnished by you or any other user on the website is deemed as paisaindia’s. It has the right to modify, alter, distribute, use, and save the information. It is also important to know that as a user you are not entitled to use, sell and modify any information or other features that belong to paisaindia.

Our Partners:

paisaindia does not own any responsibility of the claims and offers advertised on the various websites of credit card, loans and insurance companies linked on our website. These pieces of information are neither prescribed nor approved by paisaindia. We are in no way vouching for the claims, opinions and advice provided by these companies. Any type of co-ordination between you and all or any of these companies is not within the responsibility of paisaindia. It is the sole responsibility of the user to judge the future course of actions between him/her and the other companies which are featured on our website, but whose actions are in no way promoted or decided by us. The financial loss incurred or other types of damage like discrepancies in the agreement or any other type of deals are not the concern of paisaindia.


The users of paisaindia will be able to avail of our services with full responsibility and knowledge, without expecting or depending upon any other sources. The services are given to you on the criteria of ‘’As Is” and “As Available.” The suppliers provide you with no warranty and guarantee of the services.

Privacy policies:

Here at paisaindia, we take utmost care to keep the confidentiality and security of the personal information furnished by the users. This includes phone number, email address, corresponding address, etc. Also, by sharing these basic information with our website, you grant us the permission to promote to the various new products and services launched by us and our partners. To meet the purpose we are entitled to make calls or send emails to you as and when necessary.

Liability limitations:

We assume full responsibility of the errors that may be unintentionally appearing on our website, and we would therefore, promptly act in order to make the necessary corrections soon after it is brought to our notice. But, we are not at all liable to take any responsibility regarding any unwanted changes or defects that are deemed as act of God, natural calamity, accident,technical issues of the server and website.


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